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Feedback to Balens CPD Conference 2012

Excellent event, really informative with clear concise information. Embracing all disciplines, with the potential to act as one voice, making it quite unique in this respect i think. Very friendly, helpful folk from Balens. Thank you for putting the time and effort in to make this event possible, much appreciated.

Sue M

What a fabulous day! Thank you to all at Balens for organising such a unique and stimulating programme with engaging and knowledgeable speakers. It was incredible value and the topics pertinent and varied. I was struck with how 'person centered' the whole day was, not only from a clients' perspective but understanding your own practice better and therefore your own needs and aspirations. Looking forward to the next event already!

Viv C.

The CPD event was excellent value for money and very well organised. I found the first presentation 'Your Vision, Your Message' particularly useful as I was not sure about what I could and could not say in my marketing material.Thank you Balens for arranging such a useful day.

Amanda S

Very good overview of topics relevant to having your own business. Thought provoking issues which stimulates further research. Absolute bargain for the donation charge.

Kathy S.

The Balens training event was interesting, informative and has been really helpful in planning my business. The staff were all really helpful too.

P Rogers

I attended this seminar mainly because it covered topics not attempted by any other source.I found it to be very beneficial especially as it showed how easily it can be to fall into pitfalls of badly chosen wording on marketing for example that no course teaches you when you first qualify. The legalities part was interesting as too was the way to handle difficult clients. I have followed up many of the suggestions put forward on how to improve the business and get more clients. Would recommend this type of seminar any day and would definitely book again.

Susan P

It was an excellent training day -good choice of informative speakers and great venue do incorporating access to NEC event

Mel bland

The day was well organised, the staff were professional and friendly.

Penny B

I would particularly want to state that "the Balens CPD event was an extremely beneficial, value for money experience. Balens organised a day which included many disciplines; however content was varied and balanced and equally applied to all across the board within healthcare and private practice. Interestingly the subjects weren't necessarily something I would have specifically sourced independently; and so I feel it has enhanced my knowledge in aspects I would not have considered previously essential to my continued professional development.

Marcelle.A Field

An interesting, well thought out and informative day. The speakers were excellent and I would recommend attending the event.

Debra R.

An enjoyable well paced day of engaging lectures relevant to the complementary therapist and the profession over all. Full of useful information and ideas to follow up on to help improve your practice management and marketing. Thank you to the Balens team for putting this event on.

Dev N

As it was my first CPD event I didn't know quite what to expect from the day, I found the training incredibly useful and easy to understand as well as being very good value for money. Everybody was very down to earth to talk to after the presentations and it was a great opportunity to network with likewise professionals. I'll definitely be back!

Rhian E

A well-organised and educational day run at the hub of Birmingham's NEC. The speakers were interesting and creative and it was a pleasure to meet the faces behind the company, a lovely surprise!

Catherine H.

I think a distillation of Balens depth of experience over a range of complementary health businesses has been conveyed in one informative day. It has given me a starting point and guide to tackle areas of the business that I might have left alone and otherwise found out too late.

Dave Gosbee


 More Client Testimonials

  • May I take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent service that your company has provided me with over the past years.
  • I wish to thank you for answering my numerous questions and for helping me understand this area of insurance. 
  • I feel secure that we will be with the right specialists as we launch this new venture. 


  • Huge "thank you's" for all your work! Great news and my day was 'brightened' Just a note to thank those staff on the telephone for the help & pleasantness shown by them, it is a credit to you.


  • How can I thank you enough for your kindness and for the time that you took, at the end of a long day, to sort out this troublesome incident May I take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent service that your company has provided me with over the past years. 


  • Ps. I must say you are exceptionally helpful and it's very much appreciated. 


  • May I take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent service that your company has provided me with over the past years.


  • We know you pursued this matter for us in a way that may have been of discomfort to yourself and we would like you to know that your support so far has been immeasurable!


  • Thank you so much for your help, you have been amazing - efficient, friendly and patient. I would like to say that it is a pleasure dealing with all the staff I have encountered at Balens, thank you. 


  • Very speedy, much appreciated.


  • The site is excellent! Renewal was very easy, simple and straightforward.... exactly as it should be for users! Well done to the site designer and developer!


  • Wow! That was a fast response Sue.... Thank you.... and ... Balens are the tops!!!


  • How very helpful & courteous Yvonne was ... She is a star and represents your company very positively.


  • Many thanks to you both for your efforts on our behalf & for successfully remortgaging us. Life is so much better when you have the good guys batting on your behalf. No doubt we will speak soon.


  • I do congratulate you on such a high level of diligence.


  • Thank you for your swift and good work.


  • I would like to say that I have valued Balens help and support over the last 3 years. I do wish you and your employees the best of luck and prosperity in the future.


  • Finally I would liketo take this opportunity to thank you for your always support and excellent professional services.


  • I am standing down as treasurer … so I will not have the pleasure of communicating with you for much longer. I have appreciated your hands on approach and your efficiency.


  • Thanks again for all your support during my two years as treasurer.


  • Marvellous! I will now stop annoying you!! Many thanks for your personal approach.


  • Fantastic, what service, she will be pleased. It just shows it's who you know!!!" PS send my thank you on to Joe.


  • Over the moon and back again!!! Boy do you have a very good bottle of champagne coming to you all!!! along  with  my  complete gratitude. I couldn't have done it without you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


  • I found the site very easy to use, and much more convenient than having to send off the forms etc in the post.  I completed the whole process and received my new documentation in less than five minutes which was great. Thanks again and I hope the new site is a continued success!


  • Thank you for your e-mail. I did receive the renewal yesterday, thank you.  I also want to say that I am appreciative of your swift acknowledgement and impressed by the quality of the documentation sent to us.


  • Being able to renew on-line saves a lot of time and hassle sending documentation through post etc. In my opinion good customer service addition. 


  • I just want to take this opportunity to thank you all for a fantastic year with Balens.  It has been an excellent year and on behalf of John and Victor and myself I want to take this opportunity to wish you and your families a happy, healthy, prosperous and peaceful Christmas and New Year.


  • The new site is excellent, very simple to use, fast responding through the process and having full documentation at the end was great.  The whole transaction took less than 10 minutes and totally painless. Well done, if only all e-commerce site worked as well.


  • Just wanted to say thank you very much for your assistance. They have agreed to your amendments and I should be signing tomorrow. I'd also like to mention that Beth and Joy have been really helpful and responsive in helping me with extra bits and pieces required.


  • Just over two years ago I contracted Balen's to enquire about insuring a new therapy I was working on. I had no idea if it the therapy was going to be viable or if there was any point seeing it through to fruition. Happily, everyone I spoke to thought the idea was worth developing. The first person I explained the therapy to was unknowingly pivotal in the process. Had it not been for you saying: "if you do this, I'll be the first one to buy it", I might not have had the conviction to carry it through. The knowledge that 'Janet thinks it's a good idea' was like a little lantern bobbing about in my often frazzled brain in the months that followed. ... As a belated thank-you, here is a voucher code which gives a years' membership to the website.


  • I am writing to let you know that I have stepped down as chair ... and thought it a courtesy to advise you of this. May
    I also take the opportunity to express my personal appreciation of your for ... The role of insurers is so vital to any charity and it has been good to know that you could be called on at any time, and I know this has sometimes been at very short notice. I've also been very glad of the professional way in which you have dealt with some complex queries both for myself and for ... members. I was so pleased we were able to meet at a UK Healers meeting.


  • I am writing to say how pleased I am with the service provided by ... when I recently renewed my house and business contents insurance. ... By taking the time to reassess my situation and needs, she found a much less expensive insurer - Ansvar. My annual premium has very nearly halved, ... She was also very pleasant and very patient. It is rare and very lovely to be given this kind of service.


  • We are really glad that we can continue this, I am sure you hear it all the time, but the feedback from therapists at our end is that everyone at Balens has been very friendly, easy to communicate with and very straight forwards.


  • Thank you for your kind words and for all the help and support you have given me over this very brief period. I enjoyed my conversations with you and it was great to know there was an efficient and professional person I could call upon for help and advice. Balen's are very lucky to have you.


  • I was most impressed by your article in Positive Health in March 2001 entitled Professional Advice for Complementary Practitioners and I was wondering if I might have a copy of the article (not photocopied from the magazine which results in a poor copy). If it is possible perhaps you could add it as an attachment to an email? ... I would very much like to see you publish some similar articles in the journals/newsletters of the CAM organisations.


  • I am writing to tell you how impressed I am by the professional and supportive way in which H&L Balen responded to the situation and I particularly want to thank you for your telephone advice and reassurance.


  • She was most complimentary and I hope you are really valued by Balens. In fairness to Balens, I think it's wonderful that there is a bit of "give and take" and that is one of the things I liked when I first approached David Balen about setting up an insurance scheme for us. I was only 'little me" daring to talk to a large UK company and yet I felt I could talk to him. There was a face behind that organisation and an experience and indepth understanding and I always felt I was dealt with "personally". Because here in Ireland we are so small that even a large business venture is really small by comparison with the UK and we know it is virtually impossible to be competitive so when someone gives us a hearing it is truly appreciated"


  • Very many thanks to you for all your help, patience, advice and above all, humour, throughout this sorry stage. It was always good to know that you were at the end of the phone line if I needed you. I shall certainly recommend you to any friends who may be thinking of taking out a mortgage or re-mortgage in the near future.


  • On a more personal level a note of acknowledgment: Talking to you on the phone always makes me feel that I am in good hands doing business with you. That probably is because you come across well with a very personal, honest and straightforward style of communicating. I have a feeling I know what I am at with you.


  • Thank you for your help regarding this matter, I would also like to thank the team for an excellent service over the years.Ps. I would be interested in remaining a client if you work internationally?


  • Thank you so much for your inspirational session with the students on Saturday - the feedback was tremendous. We all really really appreciate your wisdom and energy, especially after such a tiring journey and sleepless night!


  • Balens have been great in arranging re-mortgage, so i'm sure every few years I shall be looking for new re-mortgage products and I'll certainly let you guy's sort it out!


  • Thank you for a very nice seminar. I am impressed with your demeanor and approach to the insurance industry. I must admit I feel much more confident knowing that I have you and a company like Balens on my side. I never in my life thought I'd hear an insurance man say something like you did: "The body can heal itself with the right guidance and support". Finally, someone in your industry who is in tune!


  • I have today received my insurance policy from Aviva and would like to thank you so much for all your help and assistance with finding a policy for me. I fully understand that I have been a "challenge" to you with my circumstances but you have always treated me with respect and understanding. I think the most important thing for me was that I knew that I could always trust you when you said that you would call me back as you always did on time! Please feel free to pass this email on to your supervisor/manager so that they may see what a helpful and professional person you are. I would also like to add that I would have no hesitation at all in recommending Balens for any insurance purposes. Thank you Amanda and I... look forward to the renewal process next year!


  • A pleasure to meet you today - thank you for your calming influence on the ghastly topic of insurance. I remember your phrase money + law + health issues = toxic package... perhaps you are a financial detoxer. (2010)


  • I know that often in business complaints may be more forthcoming from clients than compliments so I would also like to take this opportunity to formally state how content and happy I have always been with Balens insurance received over the past ten years. I have personally spoken to David as well as yourself and other colleagues on occasions. I have always found everyone so helpful and the services received excellent value for money. (2010)


  • I am very happy with my dealing with the company and thankful for the experience of such a specialist broker. L,C (2011)


  • Excellent service all round. Always receive my renewal documentation in time to continue policy. J,H (2011)


  • You are brilliant and I love that someone answers the phone who is competent and helps without passing you onto another department/queue etc.Well done!J,A(2011)


  • I have always found Balens a great company, wonderful, friendly and efficient service. Every single person I have spoken to in the last 21 years is exceptionally friendly knowledgeable and conversant. H,M (2011)


  • We have worked with Balens for two years. During this period we have found their professionalism, knowledge and caring attitude exemplary at all times. They are keen to share their extensive knowledge of the market and we know that the presence of the Balens name on our website has been a major factor in the success of the venture so far. We would have no hesitation in recommending that you speak to them first if you are considering venturing into the UK therapy market.


  • We thought you would like to know how very pleased we are with the service provided by all there. Although we tend to deal with Josh, Jo, Janet, Alison & Beverly, whoever we speak to is always very helpful. We know that our specific requirements tend to create extra work (we don't tend to fit into boxes) but we always get the help we need (if not the result we want ~ but that's life!). Recently Josh has done a grand job re our swimming pool insurance, but like I say all at Balens do (DF)