David is Chairman and Spearhead of Balens.  Having led the company as Managing Director and proprietor from 1981 – 2018, David has now passed the baton on to his sons Joe and Josh, moving into the role of Chairman, his focus is on the strategic development of Balens over the longer term.

Balens have long championed the cause for health and wellbeing, with David an active campaigner, lobbyist and trainer for the sector.  David’s new role enables him to dedicate more time and effort in his advocacy for the Natural Health and wellbeing movement in general, and for his campaigning activities and the development of the Hawthorn Health research and community Initiative in particular.  If you are unfamiliar with Hawthorn you can find some background on our website at http://www.balens.co.uk/news/the-hawthorn-collaboration-2018.aspx

As Executive Chair, David will remain deeply involved in the future strategy, corporate governance and financial management of the business, keeping all aligned to the ethical stance always taken by Balens.  He will also act as an ambassador for Balens, networking and delivering talks as and when required and involved at various conferences and of course will still chair Balens annual CPD event.

David is a third-generation Insurance Broker and Advisor, his Grandfather and Mother ran a successful Brokerage in the West End of London for many years.  Balens (then known as H & L Balen and Co) was started by David’s parents in 1950 and David joined the family business in 1970 after debating for some time whether to become a Health Professional himself.  David has always retained a keen interest and involvement in Health Matters and has a wealth of knowledge in this area. He has connections with many different health professional organisations and executives and keeps abreast of the latest developments, often acting as an adviser to them.

After spending a few years in the sixties as a Musician, David trained and spent 7 years as a Yoga Teacher.  He still records and plays regular engagements with his progressive Jazz band, Interplay. David trained as a Healer in the 1970's and is currently Chairman of the Trustees of the College of Healing, an Educational Based Charity. He is regularly involved with the Policy Making Group of the Self-Regulatory Body, UK Healers, is a Trustee of the Confederation of Healing Organisations with his wife, also a Healer, Therapist and Teacher, and is a Trustee of the British Holistic Medical Association, a well-respected organisation which supports and promotes whole person approaches in Orthodox Medicine.

David's interest and experience in the complementary and health professional fields gives him personal insight into the needs and requirements of Balens customers, and has helped develop the company’s ethos and focus over the years of his leadership.  He cares deeply about his clients and has an ongoing commitment to Balens staff and business alike.