Balens second longest serving employee, Jeanette Phillips, today celebrates 18 years with Balens.  Jen joined Balens in 1994 only a few months after David had moved the company from London to Malvern.  She has played her part in our development throughout that period and has witnessed Balens growth to the size we are today with nearly 40 staff  in purpose built offices, spread over two floors.  

David said..

"Jen has been a stalwart of the Balens set up, working efficiently and pleasantly to support the workings of our company.  She is highly valued by me and the rest of her colleagues here and we look forward to many more years of harmonious interaction!"

Balens Longest serving member of staff, Margaret Childs, also celebrated 18 years with Balens earlier this year.  David has previously stated his great appreciation of Margaret's past and continuing contribution to our long established family business.   With more than half of our staff having over 5 years' service, customers can be assured of the solidity of the teams giving consistency and continuity of service.