27th March 2020

In these challenging times, we at Balens will be keeping our communication open with you as and when events unfold. We ask your kind forbearance with us as we endeavour to deal with your voluminous queries and calls, and the continuing stream of postal communication we receive daily, which then has to be cascaded out to our homeworking network. Nearly all of our 70 or so staff are now working from home, and despite the many challenges we have faced, are working flat out to maintain our service and support to you, our valued clients.

We do understand the difficulties and disruption many of you are facing and are trying to help where we can.

Whilst there are many heart-warming stories which are emerging in this crisis and acknowledging the pivotal role of the NHS, I sincerely hope that the Government will find ways for Health, Wellbeing, Beauty and Fitness Professionals who may not be in the mainstream, such as many of you, to play their eventual part. I had an interesting conversation with Dr Michael Dixon a couple of days ago. He was due to be our keynote speaker at the CPD Event in May, and is an influential voice as Chair of the College of Medicine, and instigator of the Social Prescribing Initiative cascading out through GP Surgeries in the UK. He felt strongly that Professionals such as yourselves could have an important part to play as Link People through the Social Prescribing Network. Please do explore this if it may be of interest.

We understand that many of our Commercial clients, who have Business Interruption as part of their insurance policy will rightly be looking to see if they have cover in current circumstances. Insurance Policies are Legal Contracts and as such are specific about what they will and won’t include. Clearly no Insurance Policy can cover every eventuality, as long as the historically acknowledged main potential risks are covered. Whilst most of the property related risks such as fire, flood, other types of water damage, burglary, accidental damage etc are covered, and have produced big claims in recent years, there are restrictions on the Business Interruption/Loss of Income (if you have this cover) section of the policy. This section has always been triggered specifically by a claim relating to your insured property and doesn’t cover risks outside of this. This is standard throughout the industry and has been ever since I joined it 50 or more years ago. For more information on how Balens are supporting our clients regarding these policies please see our webpage specifically related to Business Interruption here.

We understand that the Government are providing grants and loans to businesses for their losses as a result of the Government ordered shutdown, and yesterday announced a package of policies to support the self-employed, which will hopefully assist many individuals and businesses to survive the current crisis. Please remember for those that have our DAS Legal Expenses policy (most of our clients will have this as standard), there is also a counselling helpline, which may assist those in need of emotional support.

We do empathise with your current situation, and are happy to respond to any questions you may have, but would ask you to please email these where possible as our phone system is currently experiencing high demand with calls and queries. We hope the current crisis will soon be resolved, for us all.

David Balen
Balens Ltd

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