Balens new Telephone renewal system a huge success!

In December 2012 Balens trailled our new telephone renewals system, which similar to our online systems allows you to renew your insurance with us 24 hours a day, and it has proved to be not only popular, but extremely successful too!  The system is really easy to use, customers who are invited for renewal on this system are given a renewal code and personalised pin number.  They then simply need to confirm a number of statements which form part of their contract of insurance, and then if all has been agreed, they type in their credit or debit card details.  Renewal documents will be generated and sent out usually on the next working day, although we note with delivery that documents may take up to 5 working days for receipt.  

If for any reason there is a need to speak with us during the renewal process or any of the contractual questions are answered with a no, then the call will automatically be transferred to a member of staff, or if not within working hours, we will call back at the first opportunity. 

Just another way in which we at Balens are trying to make our systems as easy and stress free for our clients as possible.