Important Update:  Temporarily Unoccupied Premises – Covea Insurance PLC

Business Protection and Bridge Babtac Policyholders

The latest Government announcement regarding lockdown, has meant that many businesses have had to cease trading once again. During previous periods of lockdowns, we have negotiated “cover enhancements” for the benefit of our policyholders.  As we unfortunately, find ourselves in another lockdown period, it is important that we once again, try to ensure that our Policyholders have the benefit of the best cover available.  We have therefore, obtained confirmation from Covea, that full cover will be extended for 90 days, as outlined in the link below.  Please review very carefully.  If you have any queries regarding the content of the article, please email your Account Handler or Combus@balen.co.uk:


The guidance applies to existing Policyholder’s only and existing Business Premises, that are currently insured under a policy arranged via Balens Ltd.

If you arrange a new business policy with ourselves or wish to add a new location to an existing policy, please contact the office for guidance.  Each case will be reviewed on its merits and automatic cover will not be in force (as per the guidance detailed within the above link).

You should be aware that the 90 day consecutive period is considered to have started from the date that the risk became unoccupied, not from the date in January that the new National lockdown started, i.e. if your premises was unoccupied due to tier restrictions prior to Christmas then this will be deemed to be the start date of the unoccupancy. 

Once the 90 days is up then, you will need to contact Balens and update us of your personal circumstances.  Please call the office or email your
Account Handler or Combus@balen.co.uk.

Finally, we are awaiting clarification if automatic cover will apply (as previously) for;  your business assets temporarily removed from your business premises and located at your residential home and for employees working from home.  We will provide a further update in due course.

If you are a Policyholder that holds an insurance policy via another provider, please contact the office for guidance.