I am delighted to advise that the contracts with the Dutch company TNO have been signed and we are anticipating that the app (GoHawthorn) for the Big Data project will be completed for testing by the end of August. 

This app has been developed to assist with gaining big number data  related to individuals health and well-being, and we anticipate the benefits that can be attributed to positive changes that they may be making including the use of complimentary or alternative therapies, natural medicine, lifestyle and diet changes. 

The aim once the app has been completed will be to run trials in the UK, Netherlands, USA and Australia, where therapists offer the use of the app to their clients to record their progress over a period of time.  If trials prove successful it is hoped to gain greater funding in order to roll the app out further for therapists and their clients to use. 

The app will be cascaded to Balens Associations for the use by their members, with the ultimate aim to gain the information that will (it is hoped), help to inform thinking and change perspectives on how healthcare is managed in the UK moving forward into the 21st Century. 

As discussed at the event it is impossible to gauge the number of therapists that are working in the UK today, however Balens insures over 45,000 and by extrapolating the figures we can guestimate that they will be holding around 400,000 therapeutic sessions a week.  A not insignificant number when you consider there were only just under 69,000 GPs registered within the UK in 2017. On of the primary aims of the Hawthorn Collaboration is the belief that if the therapeutic community were to come together, to talk with one voice, their views and opinions would be more readily heard. 

It has taken a long while for us to get to this stage, but we are very nearly there with the app.  We will contact all representatives as soon as the app has been completed, regarding next steps and would welcome feedback from you regarding your Associations participation.