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For many years now, Balens have been insuring various types of Case Manager as well as those involved in Occupational Health. We provide a comprehensive range of cover not only for Case Managers who have qualified as a Health Professional, but also for firms sub-contracting Case Managers, various aspects of Medico-Legal work, Carer provision and selection as well as insuring the Carers themselves. We keep up to date by attending seminars on Medico-Legal Developments and Trends.

Case Managers have a very wide range of activities and abilities, and our covers reflect this. In addition, we can cover: 

  • Project Management 
  • Medico-Legal work
  • Therapeutic Work
  • Sub Contractors and Contractors
  • Employment agencies
  • Carers individually or for an agency
  • Other types of Health Professional working with Case Managers
  • Disability Aid Providers
  • Consultants
  • Rehab providers/consultants
  • Access Auditors

The comprehensive Balen wording includes a uniquely designed "hybrid" policy incorporating the advantages of a Claims Made and Claims Occurring wording without their disadvantages!! Cover incorporates Malpractice, Professional Liability, Loss of Reputation Libel and Slander, Public and Products Liability plus a comprehensive legal expenses package incorporating criminal defence, discrimination allegations, Inland Revenue investigations, various helplines, HPC disciplinary hearings and many more features.

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