I first contacted Balens several years ago as I was sourcing a comprehensive good value professional indemnity insurance block for the members of AFPA (Acupuncture Foundation Professional Association) in Ireland. AFPA was the first professional acupuncture association in Ireland and I was a founding Director. Balens have been providing insurance for AFPA members and AFI senior students since the mid nineties. They have also provided for many years a comprehensive Schools Insurance for the AFI (Acupuncture Foundation Ireland) and members of the NIATCM (Northern Ireland Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine). I and my colleagues have found the service provided by the Balens team to be both professional and personable. They fashioned a common sense professional indemnity block which is good value and inclusive of practitioner needs in this current environment. When it comes to practitioner and association insurance I think first of Balens, David, Joe, Janet and the team go that extra mile for their clients and I think this would be hard to beat.

Bernadette Ward. MSc, Traditional Chinese Medicine, MiddlesexUniversity, (2011)

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