WDP is a charity committed to helping all those affected by drug and alcohol use, including families and communities. We deliver services on behalf of local authorities across London and the South East and also raise funds to develop and improve the support we give, which means that we always have to be very cost conscious, so that as much money as possible is spent where it is needed, on front line services. We are celebrating our 21st anniversary this year and have grown tremendously over the last ten years. WDP has worked closely with Balens for many years, and we have always found the service to be exemplary. Not only does the team at Balens work hard to ensure that we get the best value for money, but we have always found we receive a very personal service from the team there, which means we have managed to develop very good working relationships. Balens have always worked hard to ensure they really understand our services, so that they can provide the best advice, and have always managed to adapt to our changing needs as our services grow, develop and change. Whenever we have had to make a claim, they have been extremely responsive and helpful.

R. B. Senior Premises Coordinator, Westminster Drug Project (2011)

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